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The 34 Best Dishes in the U.S. - Babu Ji Chef's Tasting Menu Curry Sampler

June 2016

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How to Have the Best Wine Year of Your Life

April 2016

“...Tasting menu used to mean expensive. Now it's become a relatively affordable way to explore the menu at casual places. At New York City's raucous Indian spot Babu Ji, chef Jessi Singh offers a seven-course menu for $62 that might include this yogurt kebab-perfect with a semidry Riesling or a beer from the serve-yourself fridge.”

New York Post 

Is This Restaurant Really Worth the Wait?

By Claudine Ko - 01/2/2016

“New Yorkers are waiting an hour or more for Indian cuisine at Avenue B and East 11th Street, where Jennifer and Jessi Singh...are putting a fresh, modern and healthy spin on food..."

The New Yorker

Tables for Two 

By Silvia Killingsworth - 01/11/2016

“...the supurb chef's menu, made up of street snacks followed by the day's selection of curries, which, on any given night, might include lamb, chicken, or a raw scallop, plus daal, rice and naan.”

New York Magazine & Grubstreet

The Best New Restaurants of 2015 - Babu Ji

by Adam Platt - 12/29/2015

"Jessi Singh and his jovial crew breath new life into the familiar curry-house template at this boisterous Alphabet City restaurant."

The Infatuation

New York City's Ten Best Restaurants of 2015 - Babu Ji #1

by Hillary Reinsberg 12/14/2015

“There's no restaurant we've talked about more in 2015 and that's because there's no place we've had a better time. The excellent modern Indian food is unlike anything else in New York and the restaurant's energy...make Babu Ji a place you want to come back to. And bring all your friends back to.”


Top NYC Restaurants of 2015 - Babu Ji

by Ryan Sutton - 12/10/2015

“Enter Austrailian import Babu Ji, whose self-serve beer fridge, casual vibe, and dashes of creativity... have generated epic waits for dinner."


Ten Best Things We Ate in 2015 in NYC 

No. 9 Gol Gappa at Babu Ji

by Kelly Dobkin 12/08/2015

“The impossibly thin, crispy balls contain an irresistable mix of chutney and yogurt. Toss the whole think into your mouth and be prepared for a whole new take on snap, crackle pop."

The Coveteur

Best Hidden Holiday Gems 

by Remington Guest - 12/2015

“I'm actually in love with Babu Ji. Definitely one of the best new restaurants for me. I think about their naan on a daily basis."


Babu Ji Infuses Innovative Indian With Momofuku-Style Cool 

by Ryan Sutton 11/10/2015

“Babu Ji, perhaps more than any of its peers, deserves credit for making a lot of us excited about Indian food for the first time since Floyd Cardoz opened Tabla with Danny Meyer in 1998.”

New York Magazine & Grubstreet

Restaurant Review - 2 Stars

by Adam Platt - 08/23/2015

"...One hearty star for the cheerful vibe and another for Singh’s elegant home-style cooking."

The New York Times

Babu Ji in the East Village Asserts Its Authority 

by Ligaya Mishan 09/03/2015

“At Babu Ji, which opened in June, the menu is succinct rather than sprawling, the dining room a sleek diagram of black floors, white walls and gray tables, with pops of color from Bollywood films flickering by the bar. A stuffed peacock guards a self-serve refrigerator stocked with craft beer.”

Time Out New York 

Restaurant Review - 4 Stars

by Christina Izzo - 08/18/2015

“’s the superb kulfi (Indian ice cream pop) that sums up Babu Ji’s intentions...Babu Ji is polished, but it’s not above playing with food."

The Infatuation

Restaurant Review - 8.8/10

by Hillary Reinsberg - 07/08/2015

“Every so often, you go someplace new, and you can’t wait to tell everyone you know about it...Today, that someplace is Babu Ji, an Avenue B restaurant serving Indian food and general happiness.”

The Wall Street Journal

Indian Street Food Finds Home in Alphabet City 

by Angela Chen - 06/26/2015

“...Babu Ji offers more than just curry..."



The Hottest Restaurants In Manhattan Right Now - 08/06/2015

“...Babu Ji offers a menu of shareable Indian small plates and curries in a stylish dining room...”

Epoch Times

Mayor of the Block: Babu Ji 

by Daksha Devnani - 03/09/2015

“...At Babu Ji, the flavors are authentic and the presentation is modern, with a focus on high quality...By the end of it we were still licking our spoons..."

The New York Times

Off the Menu 

by Florence Fabricant - 06/23/2015

“At this new spot in the East Village...Jennifer and Jessi Singh offer a blessedly brief menu..”

Grub Street 

Grub Street's Restaurant Power Rankings - Babu Ji #2 - 08/28/2015

“Count Adam Platt among the (many) admirers of this Avenue B Indian spot. He gives the place two stars: "One hearty star for the cheerful vibe and another for Singh’s elegant home-style cooking..."

NBC New York

Babu Ji's Cardamom, Pistachio & Honey Kulfi - 08/25/2015

“...this is one very special treat...”